Botanisk: your go-to specialist in sustainable garden plants.

Botanisk is a plant nursery that specialises in perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns and herbs for the professional market. We are focused on wholesale trade, garden centres and landscapers. We refer private customers to our clients, such as plant centres, where they can expect expert advice and buy plants on site and online.

We have more than 1500 cultivars available, mainly in pot size P9.In recent years, we have also started offering a specific selection of native and bee and butterfly-friendly plants. Thanks to our extensive network within the tree nursery sector, we can supplement our assortment with cultivars from fellow growers. As such, we can keep our range available for longer periods.

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The transformation of Jo Raemen to Botanisk.

In 1998 Jo Raemen's one-man business was transformed into Vaste Plantenkwekerij Jo Raemen BV. . Over the years Jo has grown perennials, grasses, bulbous plants, water plants, bamboo, shrubs, bushes and trees, all in various pot sizes: P9, P11, C1 to C40. Over time, his drive to competitively market quality plants resulted in a strong focus on perennials in P9 pot size for professional customers.

Johan Stessens took over the business in 2015and continued to build on Jo's many years of experience. Johan expanded the assortment and strengthened the permanent team. Meanwhile, Jo still plays an active role in the nursery.

In 2023, Plantenkwekerij Jo Raemen BV was renamed Botanisk BV. Botanisk is a reference to botanical, botany. In this way, we want to pay tribute to the vast plant knowledge of the founder of our company, Jo Raemen.

What we stand for:

Assortment of Botanisk

Broad Assortment

Native CULTIVARS of Botanisk


Bee and butterfly-friendly cultivars

Bee and butterfly-friendly cultivars

Price-quality ratio

Excellent value for money

Personal service of botanisk


Long availability

Excellent availability throughout the year

Our vision and mission for a green future.

Our aim as a plant nursery is to make a positive contribution to society, by doing business in a sustainable manner with respect for people and nature. We believe in the positive interaction between the two, since nature plays a part in looking after human well-being. It is up to us to also play our part in looking after nature.

Working with people is central to everything we do. We want our employees to enjoy working with us and thrive. Furthermore, we are committed to long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. We also value our collaboration with fellow growers – it makes our work interesting. Last but not least, we are committed to defending the interests of the nursery sector.

We want to contribute, to the best of our ability, to a bio-diverse, green and pleasant living environment. Our plants are grown to high quality standards, true to type and properly rooted. We stand for good value for money. We are systematically expanding our extensive assortment of native, climate-robust and bee and butterfly-friendly perennials and ornamental grasses.

Working at Botanisk
Working at Botanisk

Introducing: the Botanisk team.

Our permanent team has 9 employees. In busy periods, we rely on the help of a crew of seasonal workers and students.


As our business manager, Johan keeps the overview of the company's various challenges.

Photo of Jo


Jo Raemen, our cuttings propagation consultant, inspires us to expand our assortment.


Erwin is our cultivation manager: he looks after growing P9 plants in our nursery. He also supervises students during their internships.

Photo of Karel


Karel has been our sales manager for more than 20 years now. He is responsible for buying and sales.

Photo of Veerle


In her capacity as administrative assistant, Veerle supports the buying and sales process.

Photo of Maarten


Maarten is in charge of new cuttings.

Photo of Efrahim


Efrahim has been our most experienced plant loader for more than 20 years.

Photo of Andrzej


Andrzej leads the potting crew.

Photo of Slawomir


Slawomir is in charge of outdoor cultivation logistics.

Our nursery in figures.

3.5 Hectares

of surface area


Cultivars grown


Number of plants grown

The power of collaboration.

Working with people is central to everything we do. We are committed tolong-term relationshipsrelationships with our suppliers and customers. Collaboration with fellow growers makes our work interesting. We are also committed to defending the interests of the nursery sector. Last but not least, we work intensively with horticultural education institutions.

Fellow plant growers

Fellow plant growers

Perennial Power

Perennial Power

the Tree Growers' Federation of Northern Belgium

Boomtelersfederatie Noord-België (the Tree Growers' Federation of Northern Belgium)

Education institutions

Education institutions

Fellow plant growers

Fellow plant growers

Our long-standing collaborations with several fellow perennial growers allow us to keep our assortment available for a longer period of time. We also make efforts to promote our region, Belgian North Limburg, together with tree growers in the area. Our assortments complement each other and we are geographically close. As such, the North Limburg region is interesting for our customers. We organise open days together for our customers and suppliers every year.

Perennial Power

Perennial Power

Johan Stessens, our business manager, has been a director at Perennial Power since 2022. Perennial Power is a foundation of stakeholders in the perennial plant industry, primarily growers. They believe in the power of joint promotion to make a positive impact on the use of perennials. The foundation prepares monthly press releases that highlight the value of using perennials. These press releases are distributed to more than 5,000 editors of European and North American gardening magazines and media.

Website Perennial Power

Boomtelersfederatie Noord-België

Boomtelersfederatie Noord-België

Johan Stessens, our business manager, has been president of the Tree Growers' Federation of Northern Belgium since 2022. This federation is part of the AVBS, the ornamental and greenery federation of the Belgian Farmers Union. The Tree Growers' Federation of Northern Belgium represents its members in the trade association. We also organise interesting company visits and practical courses to inspire members.

Website Boomtelersfederatie Noord-België

Education institutions

Education institutions

We closely collaborate with educational institutions and their students. Students can visit our business and gain their first experience in the horticultural field as interns. More and more students are taking on part-time student jobs at our nursery. We really enjoy lending young people a hand in their development. In the spring of 2023, students from Biotechnicum Bocholt designed and created a beautiful bee hotel for the nursery.

Our commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship, for a greener future.

Our aim as a plant nursery is to make a positive contributionto society, by doing business in a sustainable manner with respect for people and nature.


Plant enhancement




Re-use & Recycling


We aim to recycle water wherever we can. As of July 2022, a basement under our new commercial building makes it possible to store 750,000 litres of water. Rainwater from greenhouses and buildings, as well as drain water from container fields, is collected here. This has resulted in a 50% reduction in the nursery's groundwater requirements. Excess water is diverted to an infiltration zone on the premises.

Botanisk and water

Plant enhancement

We have been enhancing the natural resilience of plants for several years now by using natural additives. As a result, we use chemicals only sporadically. The diversity in varieties and cultivars is a significant asset to our nursery. Useful insects find food and shelter here. Their presence makes it harder for pests to reproduce.

Botanisk and Plant enhancement


We aim to be an energy-neutral business. Perennial cultivation is inherently energy-extensive. Plants overwinter outside or in cold greenhouses. We keep only our young cuttings frost-free during winter. Our commercial building is heated with geothermal heat. Electricity for the heat pump, current electric appliances and commercial electric vehicles is provided by solar panels.

Botanisk and energy


Our aim is to be a welcoming company for the people who work with us. Our team is a wonderful social mix of age and backgrounds. Given the labour-intensive nature of growing perennials, it offers good opportunities for people with more vulnerable labour profiles.

Botanisk and social


Our business is based on the value for money our products offer. The essence of long-term business relationships is that both parties benefit. Profits are invested in people, infrastructure and innovation.

Botanisk and economical

Re-use & Recycling

We invite customers to return used P9 pots, so we can re-use them. Any non-reusable plastic and cardboard is collected separately and recycled. Green waste is processed by a local farmer. Trials with low-peat substrates are underway in cooperation with substrate suppliers.

Botanisk and re-use & recycling