Quality plants.

A broad assortment of type-specific and quality plants is the core of our business. Our aim is to keep our range available for long periods.

Perennials – the beauty and diversity of perennials.

Perennials are herbaceous plants that live for more than two years, with non-woody stems. Many perennials are evergreen, but most die off above ground in autumn and overwinter underground. They come back bigger every year after that. With the right mix of varieties, you can time it so that different perennials flower one after the other,

This ensures that you enjoy a thriving garden from January to December. Our aim is to cover the entire spectrum of perennials with our assortment, so we can always offer a suitable alternative if a requested variety is not available.

Download an overview of our perennials here

Ornamental grasses – sturdy, versatile plants for year-round use.

Ornamental grasses are strong garden plants that require very little attention. They come in a variety of shapes and colours. In larger gardens, you can get really creative with tall ornamental grasses. Low-growing ornamental grasses can be used as ground cover. 'Evergreen' varieties are also available. These garden plants will retain their colour in winter, so you can enjoy their beauty year-round.

Download an overview of our ornamental grasses here

Ferns – enchanting shade-dwelling plants for an enriched garden experience.

Ferns are perfect for gardens with a lot of shade. These woodland plants prefer a shady, moist location. Ferns are foliage plants whose leaves bud in a stunning way. They come in a variety of leaf sizes, heights and colours. Although some are deciduous, most ferns die off above ground.

Download an overview of our ferns here

Herbs – a touch of scent and flavour for your kitchen and garden.

The term 'herbs' covers plant varieties that are distinguished by theirdistinctive scent and flavour. These plants are particularly useful in the kitchen, where they can be used to flavour and scent dishes. There is more to herbs than culinary value alone, however: they are often aesthetically pleasing and can contribute to the biodiversity of your garden. At Botanisk, we offer a varied assortment of herb plants so you can enjoy their culinary benefits as well as their contribution to your garden.

Download an overview of our herbs here

Native plants, but also bee and butterfly-friendly.

Our focus is on systematically increasing the availability These plants offer the advantage of being native to our areas, making them perfect hosts for insects. They make excellent food sources for bees and butterflies. Sometimes, these plants are also hosts for one particular insect species, so their survival depends on its presence.

Download an overview of our native plants here

Climate-resilient plants – our answer to changing weather conditions.

As a result of changing climate patterns, we are faced with increasingly extreme weather events. Given these circumstances, we feel compelled to evaluate and adapt our plant selection. At Botanisk, we take this challenge seriously and prefer to include plants in our assortment that are better equipped to withstand extended periods of drought.

Not only can these climate-resilient plants withstand adverse weather conditions, they also help maintain biodiversity and ecological balance in our gardens and landscapes.

This approach is part of our aim to offer a sustainable and future-proof assortment that contributes to the resilience to climate change of our gardens and public green spaces.

Frog at Botanisk
Flowers from Botanisk

Discover our latest cultivars: expanding our growing assortment.

Botanisk kicks off the 2023-2024 season with more than 130 new plant varieties. As a plant nursery, growing new varieties each season is a fascinating and educational process. We can't wait to hear our customers' reaction to our new offerings.

Download an overview of our latest cultivars here

Photo labels – visual splendour and practical information for garden centres.

At Botanisk, we understand that how plants are presented in garden centres is crucial inattracting customers and informing them about the plants' characteristics. That is why we have developed special photo labels for the cultivars that are attractive for garden centres.

In addition to a clear photo of the plant, these photo labels also display essential information such as the plant's name, growing conditions and care requirements. The labels help customers make an informed choice and contribute to their satisfaction with their purchase.

We are also flexible in how we deliver these labels. They can be attached to the pots beforehand to enable quick and easy presentation at the garden centre. Alternatively, we can supply the labels separately so you can decide how and when to use them.